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 Hail, well met internet surfer !!  You have stumbled upon the virtual reality of my manliness.  If you like hot sauce, zombies, caves, the outdoors, good music, sports, babes, and partaking in adult may like what you find.  If you enjoy great sales, Dancing With The Stars, and know multiple words for different shades of light blue...then you may not like what you see here.

 Check out the menu bar for:  Music reviews, stories of my backpacking trips, caving trips, my favorite adult beverages, stuff i'm doing, and my fear of zombies.
 If you have questions, or want more information, just let me know.

Feel free to comment on anything you find.  Please, let me know what you like, and what you don't like.  I promise that I will take your advice, or ignore it completely...because I am a man.

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                            R.I.P.   Lou Reed


      Random picture of one of my favorite campsites...Wonder Lake, Alaska   

wonder lake denali national park alasks


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